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This voice-operated speaker is a smart device that follows your oral commands. Cylindrical in shape, Alexa Echo speaker runs on the Bluetooth and do innumerable actions such as placing orders on online shopping websites, streaming your favorite music, calling someone on your behalf, and a lot more.


This small and lovely smart speaker is just a tiny version of Alexa Echo speaker, yet equally efficient. So, speak out the wake word and your command, Echo Dot will do it all like changing the temperature on your smart thermostat, tuning on and off the lights, playing stereo, placing and receiving voice calls, etc.


Let Alexa Echo Look be your personal style guide! This smart device features a camera to take your photos and suggest you afterwards what suits your style the most. Just activate it with a wake command and start off on your way to jazzing you style with this smart virtual assistant.


It is a touch screen device that shows recipes, books, and many more on its hi-resolution screen. All you need is simply wake it up and ask it to do whatever you like, be it reading recipes and books, playing videos, calling someone via video call, and many other things to simplify your tasks.


This smart speaker wakes up on your Alexa tap and does exactly what you want it to do. The best feature is its in-built dual-stereo which all music freaks love. So, get ready and ask your Echo Tap to play your favorite sound track. It will start the action be accessing popular music apps like Spotify or Pandora.


The Dolby auto-tuning system that’s attached in the Alexa Echo Plus makes it a favorite device of music lovers. So, why wait then! Just set up your voice and let it recognize your dialects. Once completed, just ask the speaker to play your song and it will do so in a fraction of seconds.

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Set Up


Unlike other smart speakers, Amazon/Alexa App for Echo has seven built-in microphones. It can take your commands even when you are not in the room, even with music playing or background noise. Excited to start this new journey? Here’s how:

  • Unpack your Echo speaker take out all its peripherals.
  • Step 1:  Alexa App download

    For all Echo Dot or Amazon/Alexa Echo owners, Alexa app is a must- have. You can download the app for free on any smartphone or tablet with 11.0 or higher iOS, Fire OS 53.3 or higher. Look for the app store that comes in your device and simply search ‘’Alexa app’’ and download it. There should be no problem downloading as long as you have internet. For Computer users, you can visit our website and download it, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Step 2: Plug in the Amazon/Alexa Echo

    This is as easy as it can get.  This is the next step after Alexa App download. The Echo device doesn’t require any batteries to operate. So, you can just plug the power adapter to Echo and then connect it to a power outlet. You know the Echo device is now on or has power to run when the light turns blue. Then, wait till the light turns orange which is an indication that Alexa is now ready to greet you. When the light turns Orange Alexa will tell you that the device is ready for set-up.

  • Step 3: Connect the Echo device to your Home Wi-Fi via the Alexa App

    This is the third and the key process for Alexa Echo Setup. The latest versions of the Echo device guide you but if you do get stuck, open the Alexa app you downloaded in your phone or computer and search through the available networks till you can find yours. If you happen to have multiple Echo devices, go to Alexa Devices in the menu and select the device that is yours. You can look for the state of the Wi-Fi network connection under Wireless.

    Then, you can save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon so you can connect to smart home devices easily or set up a new Echo device on the same network- you might want to buy more Echo devices for other rooms.

  • Step 4: Congratulations! You can now start talking to Alexa

    Talking to Alexa setup is easy now that you have successfully setup Amazon/Alexa Echo. The ‘’Wake’’ word or the word to activate the Echo device is Alexa. But, you can change is the wake word to ‘Echo’, ‘Amazon’, and ‘Computer’ in case you have someone named Alexa in your house or you are not particularly fond of the name. To change the wake word, you can open the Alexa app, tap on help and feedback and select the new wake word from the three options: Echo, Amazon, and computer.

Alexa Echo or Amazon Echo has gotten better with the second generation model. It has better sound quality now and for your desired listening experience when you listen to podcasts, audiobooks or jam out to music you have the option of hooking up an external speaker to Amazon Echo. A Bluetooth speaker that is certified to be compatible withEcho devices will get you best results. Echo can work with a Bluetooth device at a time, so before connecting your external speaker make sure it is not already connected with any other unit, unsync if that is the case. 

How Alexa Echo Device Assist Can Help You


Alexa Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by the tech giant Amazon, it is also known as Amazon Echo or Alexa. This smart speaker can respond to your voice commands and read you audiobooks, play your music, break down the news, report the weather and much more. The way it works is by connecting to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa. Alexa Echo can perform voice interaction, make to-do-lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, and provide real-time information like weather, traffic and such. Apart from all of this, the device can also control various smart appliances in your hub. So, in that manager, Alexa Echo is actually a home automation hub. 


Got more questions about the Amazon Echo? Here are some frequently asked questions about
Amazon Echo that have been answered for you!

1.   How much does the Amazon/Alexa Echo cost?


The second-generation Echo is at the center of Amazon’s voice powered speakers. If you have a wall plug nearby, this compact cylindrical device can fit anywhere in your home. It costs you about $ 99 but you can find better deals online. Some affordable and compact devices like the Echo include the $49 Echo Dot. You also have the option of getting a $149 Echo plus with a built-in smart home hub. $129 Echo spot has a small circular screen and the expensive $229 Echo show has a rectangular display larger than of its other kinds, also has more powerful stereo speakers.


2.   Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use Amazon Echo?


You do not. You just need a working Wi-Fi/Internet connection and you are good to use your Amazon Echo. However, there are several perks for those with an Amazon prime account. Prime members get, among other perks, discounted access to Amazon Music Unlimited, which Echo can stream


3.   Are Amazon Echo and Echo Dot the same thing?


Well, they are not far off from each other. The Echo Dot is just a miniature and cheaper version of Amazon Echo. The dot can act as your alarm, control your lights, and get you an Uber, a pizza and whatnot, just like the Echo. The dot also has a built-inspeaker and deliver audio for music streaming and such purposes. However, for extra sound you can connect it to your favorite home speak using the Dot’s 3.5 mm audio jack.



4.   Does Amazon Echo required to be plugged in?


It does. Echo is a device that controls other smart devices (the master of smart devices?) but it doesn’t have a built-in battery. So, yes it has to be plugged in for power.  However, you have the option to get an Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker called the Amazon Tap that retails for $129 and offers all Echo’s functions plus Dolby-powered, 360-degree stereo sound, and lasts for about 9 hours on charge.


5.   What is the use of Amazon Echo?


Alexa-powered ( Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent virtual assistant, just like Siri is to Apple) Amazon’s Echo devices can play music, read audiobook, e-book, the news, provide real-time information of the weather, traffic and such, call a ride like Uber, give you movie schedules, check your bank account, set alarms and timers and a lot of other things through voice interaction. You can connect to your smart home devices to Amazon Echo and run basic operations like turning the light off and on.


6.   Are Alexa and Echo the same thing? What are the differences?


The Echo is a brand of smart speakers by Amazon while Alexa is the virtual voice assistant that powers those speakers (the software that talks to you) and other Amazon products. Alexa is not exclusive to Echo products, it powers other Amazon devices like the Fire TV and Fire Tables including third-party products like Sonos One, smart thermostats as the Ecobee 4 and computers like the HP Pavilion Wave.


7.   What ( or who) is Alexa?


Alexa or the idea of a virtual assistant can be an astonishing concept for those who aren’t already familiar with it. So, basically Alexa is the voice of the personal assistant that you hear from the Echo devices, Amazon Fire TV,  Echo Dot, and other third-party devices. Alexa interacts with you vocally as if you were talking to another person, it is basically an AI. Alexa is the same as Apple’s Siri. Once you are plugged in, you simply have to say the wake word which can be Alexa, Amazon, Echo or Computer to interact with it.


8.    What are Alexa’s Skills and Abilities?


Alexa’s skills are built-in by either Amazon or third parties. Alexa has, as of now, more than 30,000 set of skills available including the ability to order an Uber, tune your guitar, play games, read to you, guide your workouts, look for answers online, play music and many others that you can browse through or Alexa app.


9.    Can Alexa really understand humans (me)?


Alexa has the ability to understand English but not necessarily all accents. It can understand English accents from the U.S., U.K., Canada, India, German, and Japanese. It might not be able to grasp some thicker accents and when that happens it responds with, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the question I heard.” 


10.       Is Alexa constantly recording me?


It can sound a little intimidating to think of it this way-which Alexa is always listening to you. Think of it this way though, The Amazon Echo is always listening when the mic is on, but for its trigger word.Once the device wakes up, it streams the audio of the conversation it hears (including the two or three seconds before you woke it up) to the could so it can interpret your command and execute it. It can sometimes be triggered accidentally and will perform action based on what it hears. All your Alexa requests are automatically saved, but if you don’t want that you can delete individual recordings. Amazon, however, doesn’t advise you to do it because, they say that it degrades Echo’s accuracy as it learns for the recordings. If you are too conscious about Alexa eavesdropping, just turn off the mic on the top of Echo by tapping it.






How To Set up Alexa Echo Devices

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